Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wake Up, Europe

Mark Steyn points out that you have a war on your hands.
A few years back I was criticized for a throwaway observation to the effect that ''I find it easier to be optimistic about the futures of Iraq and Pakistan than, say, Holland or Denmark." But this is why. In defiance of traditional immigration patterns, these young men are less assimilated than their grandparents. French cynics like the prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, have spent the last two years scoffing at the Bush Doctrine: Why, everyone knows Islam and democracy are incompatible. If so, that's less a problem for Iraq or Afghanistan than for France and Belgium.
The Loony Left in this country doesn't see it, so I wonder how many more "youths" will have to torch cars before Europe wakes up.

Gee, it's sure a good thing that the US has no large underclass of un-assimilated "immigrants". Por eso no vamos a tener tales problemas aquí. ¡Que alivio!

Hey, Kids! It's time for a cartoon!

This one's really fun. It's all about the Eeeeeevil Israeli soldiers and how glorious it is to blow yourself up!

You can read the transcript or go straight to the video.

In an email to someone recently who just didn't "get" the war I said that it's a war for our civilization. The enemy is a sick culture that straps bombs to its children and wants to kill us only because we won't. Nothing in this cartoon disabuses me of that notion. I know that this kind of religious extremism has existed for centuries. But still, as I sit here on my high-bandwidth internet connection, having voted (however futile it was) freely just a few days ago, and contemplate the fact that I'm as free to live without religion as my friends are to practice theirs, it's just hard to get my head around the fact that this kind of barbarian even exists in the world today.

That flavor of Islam doesn't qualify as a religion. It's a mental disease.