Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Worst Paper in America

If you are interested in things like just how do they make sausage, anyway, you might enjoy this peek into the mind of a hair-brained lefty. It's quite a read.

As Jpod sayd on the Corner, calling this the "Best Interview Ever":
I'm completely serious. Read the transcript of our pal Hugh Hewitt's on-air conversation today with Joel Stein, who spent a decade writing silly and impish stuff about celebrities for Time Magazine before getting a peculiar gig as a columnist with the L.A. Times. Today Stein published a column called "I Don't Support the Troops." This afternoon Stein went on Hugh's show and was calmly, straightforwardly and meticulously eviscerated. Back to Brangelina with you, Joel Stein -- and bravo, Hugh.