Thursday, February 23, 2006

Port Ruckus

An anonymous comment asked for my take on the Port flap. My mind is still open. I'm seeing far too much knee-jerking, what with even the Washington Times making the stupid and factually incorrect statement that UAE will "own" ports. This isn't about ownership, just management. Cooler heads point out that the management has little to do with security, and that the same people will be doing the job after the deal goes through - just the company on the paycheck changes.

While I'm not convinced that it's a security disaster, it's clearly been bungled from the get-go by the White House. If W's communications department were run more like the Pentagon, maybe this wouldn't happen. As it is, they're just the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight.

There are links to lots of good info on The Corner. Look for Jonah's Military Guy and the CFR.

My biggest worry stems from the fact that the people rushing to Bush's rescue are John McCain and the Nasty Little Man.

(New readers need to know that the NLM is our code word for that ex-president from Georgia, whose name has been banished from Buttle's World.)