Friday, May 20, 2005

Remembering the Big Picture

Does anybody else have this problem? When you're reading VDH and have to say "Yeah!", or "That's right!" out loud? Here is another reason.
Some Western intellectuals, I think, need a bin Laden to illustrate and confirm their nihilistic ideas about their own postmodern society, just as he needs them to explain why his culture's failure is not its own fault. So just as al Qaeda will always find an enabling Westerner to say, "You lashed out at us in frustration for your unfair treatment," so too a guilty Westerner will always find a compliant terrorist to boast, "Yes, we kill you for your sins." America was once a country that demolished Hitler and Tojo combined in less than four years and broke the nuclear Soviet Union — and now frets and whines that a few thousand deranged fascists want an apology.

The FEC Needs to Hear from You

If you care about if or how much the feds should regulate blogging, that is.

Read about it on Red State. There are instructions there on the simple format required for your email to