Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CENTCOM is watching!

The good folks over at CENTCOM noticed my link to the best video of the year, and sent me a nice email thanking me for it. Buttle's World is honored by their visit. Servicemen are always welcome here.

On their web site I found YASTMSMWC (Yet Another Story The Main Stream Media Won't Cover).

If, before I visited their web page, you had asked me whether women were joining the police department in Iraq, I would have said of course not.

And I would have been wrong
“We find that she is much better at interrogation than most of her male counterparts, especially when it comes to interrogating women. She quickly identifies the hot buttons and knows how to get the right information,” Aswar said.

I think a lot of men would like being interrogated by her. But not the Islamofacists, which makes me extra glad she's on the job.


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