Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Collapse of Big Media

From the Wilson Quarterly comes a nice write-up on what's been happening to "big media". While the internet and the blogosphere have hastened the process, it really started quite a while ago.
It's premature to write an obituary, but there's no estion that America's news media - the newspapers, newsmagazines, and networks that people once turned to for all their news - are experiencing what psychologists might call a major life passage. They've seen their audiences nk, they've had to worry about vigorous new competitors, and they've suffered re than a few self-inflicted wounds - scandals of their own making. They know at more and more people have lost confidence in what they do. To many today's newspaper is irrelevant, and network news is as compelling as whatever is being offered over on the Home Shopping Network. Maybe less.


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Yet Another Reason Not To Live In Britain

I'm not sure if I can believe this. Starting with the author's unfortunate surname, this article is so over the top that I suspected a belated April Fool's joke. But perhaps the people in London really have evolved into sheep.
“Using the new system, we can leave a monitor in an area for several days. The idea is that we can pre-empt people having to call us — if the monitor hears a disturbance it lets us know.” Mr Harrison added that the microphones were also going to be placed outside bars and clubs to monitor noise levels and any disturbances.
Now the disarmed and cowering Brits won't have to actually confront their noisy neighbors.

How civilized.