Friday, June 16, 2006


I may have failed Nietzsche’s definition of an "educated man". Michael Ledeen makes a strong case that the Zarqawi document is a phoney. He consults his Ouija board and learns:
This is very important, because one of the best ways to identify a deception is when its “revelations” are things you are known to know. There are no secrets in this document, only lies, things we already knew, or things so vague that they’re meaningless, such as “unify the ranks of the resistance” without even stipulating a single method to achieve it, or “reorganize for recruiting new elements” without any concrete recommendation.

ML: So what’s the point of it all?

JJA: Aha! It emerges bit by bit, but the whole thrust of the document is that Iran is a sweet innocent, actually an ally of the United States in Iraq, and that the terrorists should do everything possible to foster conflict between Iran and the Americans.

ML: So we should interpret anything suggesting that Iran is hostile to us as part of a terrorist plot?


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