Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Err America

Michelle Malkin is on the case.
So: by Franken's own admission, Air America's current owners have known for months that their network received a large cash infusion from Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, a non-profit organization funded primarily by government grants. Presumably, they also knew that Gloria Wise's director of development at the time the money was transferred was also Air America's chairman at the time--a glaring conflict of interest. According to Franken, the owners still don't know whether that cash was ultimately placed in Air America's coffers or diverted somewhere else. (Franken seems to be hinting that the money was embezzled by Cohen.) Yet even as the radio network's hosts railed on about Enron, it didn't occur to any of Air America's accountants, managers, or investors to mention the sketchy Gloria Wise transaction to law enforcement officials until after the city launched its investigation.

Eminent Domania!

Let's all get behind opening the new Constitution Park in New Hampshire.
Justice Stephen Breyer has joined his high-court colleague David Souter in feeling the wrath of the public, specifically the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, which wants the city of Plainfield, N.H., to seize Breyer's 167-acre vacation retreat by eminent domain.

The Battle To Rebuild

A roundup of the past two weeks' good news from Iraq.
A war for the future of Iraq is going on, but that war is being fought not only with guns and explosives. Terrorists and insurgents are killing soldiers and civilians and sabotaging infrastructure, and the Iraqi and coalition security forces in turn are hunting down the enemies of the new Iraq. But every step towards self-government, every new job created, every new school opened, is a small victory against those who would want to turn Iraq's clock back three--or 1,300--years

Free Market to the Rescue

Got pirates? Hire a Navy.
It is this level of violence that has caused Lloyd's Market Association to designate the Malacca Strait a warzone like Iraq for insurance purposes – a designation that translates into higher costs of doing business.

But business problems breed business solutions – in this case, private navies that provide onboard security and naval escort services to cargo ships and tankers.

Too Little, Too Late?

Someone in France has woken up to realize that they are "pathetic losers."
For good measure, he described the 35-hour week as "absurd" and the wails of complaint that followed Paris's loss of the Games to London as "pathetic".
Maybe there's hope for the cheese-eating surrender monkeys after all.

One could argue, in the mean time, that the real pathetic losers are the ones who won the Olympic Games.

A Devil of a Casting Problem

I wonder if this casting director is going about this the right way.
"The role is wide open to all young mothers who want their sons as the sons of Satan."
Then again, if she catches the moms on a day when the kid has just broken the Ming vase...