Monday, September 26, 2005

The ACLU is going to pout

because they can't do anything about this.
"We are a sovereign nation and we can pretty much post anything we want in our council chambers," said Kephart. "For once the federal government is not going to tell us what to do.

Castro Did Allende?

Now here's a good one..
"The fact is that Allende was not a suicide, he was not killed by the military that took the power in september, 1973. During their assault against La Moneda palace, Chilean president was cowardly murdered by one of the Cuba agent that were in charge of his protection" says Eduardo.


I've never heard of him before, but this idea is a winner. Besides, I just like the idea of voting for someone named Poochigian.

Say it with me! Poochigian! Poochigian! Poochigian!

Life Imitates Art at Amtrak

Turns out Ayn Rand was right on the money.
In her novel, Taggart Transcontinental Railroad ran nearly empty trains on rural routes as a matter of "public equality." If one state had trains then, by gosh, another had to have them, too, no matter how much money they lost. Today, Amtrak runs trains like the Southwest Chief between Chicago and Los Angeles whose financial loss is so great that it requires a federal subsidy of $420 per passenger. It's cheaper for taxpayers to buy airline tickets and give them to these Amtrak passengers than to preserve the train.