Monday, April 24, 2006

So that's what the Bible Belt looks like.

Over on No Left Turns are links to discussions about these maps.

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I've Got An Idea

Let's feint an attack on Venezuela, pulling back our armada just inside international waters, and watch what happens.

Blogging a Firefight

Michael Fumento under fire with Alpha Company.
At one point I was crossing the street at a non-intersection to join up with the main body of men when a machine gun began spraying from behind me in what sounded like exactly my direction. Maybe it was; maybe it wasn't. But the shielding walls on the sides of the street looked a million miles away from me at that moment and all I could think of was dropping flat like a pancake onto the middle of the road, then rolling to the other side. I kept my camera up at all times (the footage makes you dizzy), but probably two dozen GIs saw me go down and were sure I was hit.