Thursday, March 17, 2005

Osama Puts Sandal in Mouth

Osama bin Laden may get credit for a lot of our success in Iraq. Instapundit reports on a new site called Strategy Page where it was observed:
Iraqi popular opinion has turned against terrorism in a big way. Apparently the key event was the revelation that Osama bin Laden had appointed Abu Musab al Zarqawi as "Emir" (leader) of al Qaeda efforts in Iraq and commanded him to go forth and kill big-time. But as suicide bombing attacks increasingly failed to reach American targets, and killed Iraqis instead, it appeared that a Saudi (bin Laden) was telling a Jordanian (Zarqawi) to kill Iraqis. This attitude never made headlines, but it slowly spread among Sunni Arab Iraqis over the last year.
More corroboration in other emails to Instapundit. Check it out.

Rabbit Fight!

I once drove across Nevada and Utah with a man who pointed out every dust devil as a "rabbit fight".

Now they've been spotted on Mars! (Caution: Large image -- may be slow on a dialup.)

Bolton Needs Our Help

This just in from Move America Forward via email:
Thousands of you have called Senator Reid's office to add your support for Bolton and as a result of the torrent of phone calls they've received, Senator Reid's office is no longer taking public comment via their phone lines regarding Bolton's nomination.That's why we are providing email addresses for Senator Reid's top staff so you can make sure your voice is heard.We want to send a strong and clear message to Senator Reid to let him know that if he tries another character assassination attack on Bolton (akin to the public smearings of Judge Robert Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas) that there will be a political price to be paid.
Please, email Senator Reid's top staffers and let them know that you are a supporter of Move America Forward, and that you wish to add your support to the nomination of John Bolton to serve as Ambassador to the UN. Include your own reservations about the UN, and why we need someone like Bolton in charge until the day comes that we can rid this nation of the UN's presence altogether.

Even if you've already called Senator Reid's office, we still need you to send an email. This drill will only work if Senator Reid's office is swamped with phone calls and emails. Now, please, send an email to Senator Reid's staff at these addresses:

You can even email all of them at once

In my email I warned that playing "politics of personal destruction" with John Bolton will have dire political consequences, and that if Senator Reid doubts it he should phone Tom Daschle.