Friday, November 11, 2005

Frog March

I just couldn't resist excerpting this gem from today's Federalist:

Speaking of France, how many Frenchmen are required to defend
Paris? Answer: No one knows; it's never been tried... Question:
What are the four levels of Terror Alert in France? Answer: Run,
Hide, Surrender and Collaborate.

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Comments, please

Your humble blogger and obedient servent just this morning found the settings page which controls comments. Sure enough, it was set to only allow registered members to leave comments. My apologies for trying to take a readership poll with the site thus misconfigured. It is now open for comments from all, and the only requirement is word verification. The system will show you some groovy, psychedelic letters. You type them into a box. It just prevents software from leaving comments, a nefarious practice known as "comment spamming".

I also note that I'm up to a whopping 13 readers per day average. So now I'm interested: Please leave a comment, especially if you're a regular, and let me know what you think of the blog, what suggestions you have, etc.

But keep it clean. I also turned on "Moderate comments".


Appropriate for today, but even more for yesterday:

"If you are going to shoot at the Marines, its going to be the last day of your life."