Monday, December 12, 2005

But Seriously, Folks

Gotta love Mark Steyn.
Is that even true? That the Iranian president is "out of touch" with the "values" of the "international community?" The Hudson Institute's lively "Eye On The U.N." Web site had an interesting photograph of how the "international community" marked Nov. 29 -- the annual "International Day Of Solidarity With The Palestinian People." Kofi Annan and other bigwigs sat on a platform with a map flanked by the "Palestinian" and U.N. flags. The map showed Palestine but no Israel. The U.N., in other words, has done cartographically what Iran wants to do in more incendiary fashion: It's wiped Israel off the map.

Took, Took, Tookie, Good Bye

The Governator has done some really dumb things lately, but his denial of clemency isn't one of them.

It's worth a read. (PDF)

No, I don't think for a moment he wrote this document. But he gets credit for signing it.


Well, up in Canada, they passed a law to register all handguns. (They also said it would cost about an order of magnitude less than it did.) As I, and anybody else with a two-digit IQ can tell you, there is only one reason to register weapons: to confiscate them. I might add that there are only two reasons to confiscate a man's weapons: To kill him, or to enslave him.

Nonsense, say the gun grabbers. All we want is for you to register them.

Well, we told you so.
Paul Martin promised to solve the national gun-crime crisis -- the one we read about so endlessly in Toronto -- by confiscating all half-million registered legal handguns across the country.

Ten years -- almost to the day -- since the passing of the Firearms Act, he proved the critics correct. The reason for gun registration from the start was confiscation.
Hey. Just because registration has led to confiscation EVERY SINGLE TIME, and just because confiscation has led to loss of liberty EVERY SINGLE TIME, and just because crime rates have gone up after banning guns EVERY SINGLE TIME is no reason not to trust them this time, right?

I have a suitable alarm clock if that helps.

Now this is my kind of diplomat.