Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Paging Eliot Abrams

Michael Ledeen is pleading on The Corner. Anybody have Abrams' address handy?
Here's an e-mail from one of the best Iranians in the Disapora. Secretary of State Rice keeps saying that democracy is coming to Iran, but this administration never says a word about all the innocent people in prison, never lifts a finger to help the Iranian opposition, and never really calls for regime change (although the President often sounds like he wants it, really).

The best person to write to on this matter is Elliot Abrams, who previously was in charge of "democracy and human rights" at the National Security Council (but was, and is, notably silent on Iran) and is now one of the top NSC officials on the region. It would be nice to hear him, and his cohorts, start speaking out in behalf of freedom in Iran, and the case of Akbar Ganji is as good a start as any.

Victory in San Francisco

Twenty-odd (very odd) years ago I heard that homosexual activists in San Francisco planned to price families right out of the city. When a house could be shared by two, three, or more working men, the disposable income was significant. It's taken a while, but it appears that victory is at hand. Of course the situation is also due to the generally expensive nature of the Bay Area which, in turn, is largely a result of leftist policies.