Friday, August 05, 2005

60 Years Later

VDH on Hiroshima.
The truth, as we are reminded so often in this present conflict, is that usually in war there are no good alternatives, and leaders must select between a very bad and even worse choice. Hiroshima was the most awful option imaginable, but the other scenarios would have probably turned out even worse.

John Kerry is Toast

It turns out that Flip Flops can be killers.

David's Palace Found?

A potentially important archeological find is, as everything else in Israel it seems, also caught up in politics.
The find will also be used in the broad political battle over Jerusalem - whether the Jews have their origins here and thus have some special hold on the place, or whether, as many Palestinians have said, including the late Yasir Arafat, the idea of a Jewish origin in Jerusalem is a myth used to justify conquest and occupation.

Hitting Close to Home

Are you a workaholic?