Monday, June 20, 2005

Go Ahnold

If you live here in California you know that the Governator isn't doing everything right.

But you also know that he's doing some things very right. Among them is this November ballot. Ray Haynes explains in his latest update why the Dems fear it.
More than anything else, though, their true fear is that “paycheck protection” passes. That is the initiative that tells the government employee union bosses that they cannot force their members to pay them money. Currently, everybody who works for any government entity in the state is forced, by law, to pay some government union at least $35 a month in “dues,” which is really just political tribute. Given the 330,000 people who work for state government, and the more than 1,000,000 people who work for local governments throughout the state, the amount of money that is paid to support the political agenda of the union bosses is huge. Those union bosses put over $20 million into electing Democrats in 2004. In exchange for this generous contribution to maintaining the power of the left-wing in California, these unions got increased power and lucrative employment contracts from the Democrats.
We're going to see union money flowing from a fire hose in an effort to defeat this and other propositions.

Let's get ready to kick some Sacramento butt.