Friday, April 29, 2005

Known by our Enemies

VDH is really on a tear. As much as a man (or a country) may be judged by the company he keeps, Hanson argues that we may also be judged based on who our enemies are
America should not gratuitously welcome such dislike; but we should not apologize for it either. Sometimes the caliber of a nation is found not in why it is liked, but rather in why it is not. By January 1, 1941, I suppose a majority on the planet — the Soviet Union, all of Eastern Europe, France, Italy, Spain, and even many elsewhere in occupied Europe, most of Latin America, Japan and its Asian empire, the entire Arab world, many in India — would have professed a marked preference for Hitler's Germany over Churchill's England.

Social Security Idea

A caller to Brian Sussman's show on KSFO last night had what seems to be a good idea.

The proposal is to allow people of retirement age the option of continuing to work as long as they want, but tax-free. Since they are working, they would receive no Social Security benefits. Obviously this would not apply to any funds in a private account.

Since they weren't going to be paying taxes anyway, there's no negative impact on revenues. Employers gain experienced help at a bargain. Seasoned Citizens get a whopping raise. And even if only a few percent take advantage for a few years, it could go a long way toward offsetting the shortfall.

I'm not qualified to analyze the proposal in detail, but it intuits well. So I'm askin' ya: What do you think?