Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shocking, I know

The thought that a "palestinian" cameraman working for French government television might have completely staged the famous "death" of the boy al-Dura.
But now look again at the Reuters outtakes. A jeep drives up a road, turns, goes down the other side, takes part in a battle scene. An ambulance pulls up, a “wounded” man is dragged across the road, placed on a stretcher, loaded into the ambulance, the ambulance drives away. Men run from position A to position B. Children toss Molotov cocktails at the IDF fortress. There is much laughter and cheering from the “audience,” clusters of cheerful young men watching the show. All this time, traffic trundles through the intersection, schoolchildren go by with their bookbags, a fashionably dressed woman talks on her cellphone and chats and jokes with cameramen who stand nonchalantly with their backs to the Israeli position. Things are moving, the energy level is high, the shababs are fearless. Palestinian policemen mingle in the crowd, occasionally shoot a few rounds into the air, join in the battle scenes, get “wounded” and come back for more. Children set fire to tires; you can almost smell the rubber burning. The France-2 cameraman, Abu Rahmeh, is there, too, clearly visible, in the heat of the action, filming ambulance evacuations of fake casualties in large patches of real time. Familiar, retrievable, believable.
Do these barbarians, leftists, and members of the Pink Tribe think we're all as stupid as they are?

Don't answer that.

Pink vs Grey

Sheep, sheepdog, or wolf? Pink or Grey?

The first is which kind of person you are, and the second is your tribe.

This post is long, peppered with R-rated language, and definitely worth reading.

Chrenkoff is back

Apparently the rumors of his retirement from blogging were exaggerated. That's good news. So here are roundups of good news from Iraq,
All indications showed that there is high percentage of people in the regions that boycotted the last parliamentary elections are registering their names to participate in the coming October referendum and the general elections next January, Laith Kubba told the press.
In Fallujah, considered one of the major hotbed of Iraqi insurgency, clerics of mosques called on the residents in the city to participate in the constitution referendum scheduled to be held in mid October.
And from Afghanistan.
Seven years of drought had left fields monochrome plains of brown dust. But good snows and rains have many Afghans seeing color again--seas of golden wheat undulate in the breeze, green apricot trees are plump with yellow fruit, melons of every hue dot fields.