Friday, September 23, 2005

Chrenkoff signs off

So I was all confused. Nothing new about that. Turns out that he really has signed off, since his new gig doesn't allow blogging. There's a nice history of his Good News From Iraq efforts here.
Good news about the war, he was to discover, didn’t bore readers. His May 19 entry, which ran to three single-spaced pages when printed, drew a phenomenal response, fueled by favorable mentions in some of the best known and most widely read blogs —,, and’s ‘‘Best of the Web Today.’’ A week later he ventured forth with ‘‘Good news from Iraq, Part 2’’ — this one five pages long — and the response was even more enthusiastic.
Fare well, Arthur.

Forget the New Orleans Levees

The broken levees to worry about are the ones flooding us with red ink. Bush and DeLay may not have planted explosives under the levees in the Big Easy, but they're certainly undermining the ones holding back spending.
DeLay is no more serious about fiscal responsibility than Shelley Moore Capito. Like her, he cites the jobs created by federal spending as reason enough to support it (especially in his district)—a rationale that would justify paying people to dig holes and fill them in again. At least such a project would be preferable to digging holes deeper and deeper, which is the work of Congress.