Thursday, August 25, 2005

Be a suicide bomber or your children will die

That was the choice faced by this remarkable woman during the school hostage crisis in Chechnya.
She cannot explain exactly why one of the hostage-takers, calling himself Abdullah, took her aside on September 2, the second day of the siege, and made his spine-chilling offer. He said that Zaurbek, Medina and any other relatives could walk free. All she had to do was to strap on a belt of explosives and become a shakhidka, or suicide bomber, in support of their demands that Russia withdraw from neighbouring Chechnya.

The Terrorists and the Media

One more from Chrenkoff.
My son's friend Todd Jones just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. At a celebratory gathering at his parents' home, we chatted a while, and I asked him what he thought were the biggest problems facing the military. Without hesitating, he shot back: "The terrorists and the media."
I especially like the adventures of Horn of Iraq who has not, apparently, heard of that Lawrence fellow.
He has even won occasional exemption from the military dress code
- villagers provide a changing room where he can change from
desert camouflage to robes upon arrival.