Tuesday, May 17, 2005

You Get What You Pay For

Unless, of course, you're paying the government. Tom McClintock asks, reasonably, where is the school we're paying for?
Maybe -- as a temporary measure only -- we should spend our school dollars on our schools. I realize that this is a radical departure from current practice, but desperate times require desperate measures.

So Much for the Peabody Award

Following in the footsteps of the Nobel Peace Prize, apparently anxious to destroy its own credibility, the Peabody folks decided to give an award to the poster boy for bad TV journalism. As if desiring to remove all doubt as to their foolishness, instead of greeting this line with guffaws...
Rather received extended applause after telling the crowd, "Never give up, never back up, never give in while pursuing the dream of integrity filled journalism that matters."
Note how the above "news" article refers to "questionable documents" when it should have said "false documents". That's integrity filled journalism for you.

Jolly Olde

Listing reasons to be glad one does not live in England could become a regular feature here, if it hasn't already. Now this "civilised" country is issuing Spit Kits to traffic police.
NCP security chief Gordon McLardy said: "Spit kits have already been used by Transport for London and a number of bus companies and have led to a marked reduction in incidents."