Friday, March 18, 2005

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Buying "Reform"

If you had a nagging sensation that perhaps you'd been scammed by McCain/Feingold, you had good reason. Read all of this column:
"The target audience for all this activity was 535 people in Washington," Treglia says — 100 in the Senate, 435 in the House. "The idea was to create an impression that a mass movement was afoot — that everywhere they looked, in academic institutions, in the business community, in religious groups, in ethnic groups, everywhere, people were talking about reform."

Elevating Hitler

VDH observes something important about the noxious atmosphere coming from Leftists who like to compare Bush to Hitler.

He writes:
Is there a danger to all this? Plenty. The slander not only brings a president down to the level of an evil murderer, but — as worried Jewish leaders have pointed out — elevates the architect of genocide to the level of an American president. Do the ghosts of six million that were incinerated — or, for that matter, the tens of millions who were killed to promote or stop Hitler’s madness — count for so little that they can be so promiscuously induced when one wishes to object to stopping the filibuster of senatorial nominations or to ignore the objection of Europeans in removing the fascistic Saddam Hussein?

There is something profoundly immoral for a latte-sipping, upscale Westerner of the postmodern age flippantly evoking Hitler when we think of the countless souls lost to the historical record who were systematically starved and gassed in the factories of death of the Third Reich.

Placebos to Cold Fusion

Here are some scientific head-scratchers to keep you busy while I'm away and probably not posting much to Buttle's World.

The New Scientist lists 13 things that do not make sense.

US Government Guilty of Torture

Court-ordered torture has arrived in America. A Leftist judge, and enough doctors willing to "just follow orders" in violation of their oaths, are torturing Terri Sciavo to death. Andrew McCarthy nailed it the other day in NRO:
A few months back, I wrote an article for Commentary arguing that we ought to reconsider our anti-torture laws. The argument wasn't novel. It echoed contentions that been made with great persuasive force by Harvard's Professor Alan Dershowitz: hat under circumstances of imminent harm to thousands of moral innocents (the -called "ticking bomb" scenario), it would be appropriate to inflict, under t-supervision, intense but non-lethal pain in an effort to wring information m a morally culpable person - a terrorist known to be complicit in the plot.

As one might predict with such a third rail, my mail was copious and indignant.
Opening the door by even a sliver for torture, I was admonished, was the most prehensible of slippery slopes. No matter how well-intentioned was the idea, no
matter the lives that might be saved, no matter how certain we might be about e guilt of the detainee, the very thought that such a thing might be legal render us no better than the savages we were fighting.
I haven't felt so ashamed of my country since this happened.


If you have the stomach for it, read about Terri's "Exit Protocol".