Sunday, May 15, 2005

Honor Killings in Germany

So-called "honor" killings, I should say. Just read this and mull the idea of "multiculturalism". You know, the idea that all cultures are equally good.

Take That, Guernica!

(Now there's a reference few people are going to get.)

Christopher Hitchens has a worthwhile column on why Abu Ghraib isn't Guernica
How shady it is that our modern leftists and peaceniks can detect fascism absolutely everywhere except when it is actually staring them in the face. The next thing, of course, if we complete the historic analogy, would be for them to sign a pact with it. And this, some of them have already done.

It's the Filibuster that's Unconstitutional

Andrew McCarthy changes his mind on the constitutional question. It's an interesting read. What it boils down to is that the Senate can't make arbitrary rules that defy the constitution. Seems soundly reasoned to me.
Filibusters of judicial nominees have always been a bad idea. They are also an unconstitutional idea. I used to think otherwise, but I have not heard an argument that overcomes the structure of the constitution. No matter who is president, nominees deserve an up-or-down vote.

Thanks, Tony

Time for a roundup of the past two weeks' good news from Iraq.
Building a democratic federal Iraq is a difficult, and slow, but rewarding process. Those who doubt the swiftness of transition must keep in mind that a state such as Iraq is a cultural, ethnic and linguistic mosaic that was only ever held together by brute force, thus, political speed can kill.
Be sure to scroll down to the end to read about how Iraqis are now turning terrorists in.

Even though it insists on calling them insurgents when they're not, or perhaps because of that, the New York Times, of all places, wonders why it's not much of an insurgency.
"Instead of saying, 'What's the logic here, we don't see it,' you could speculate, there is no logic here," said Anthony James Joes, a professor of political science at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and the author of several books on the history of guerrilla warfare. The attacks now look like "wanton violence," he continued. "And there's a name for these guys: Losers."