Thursday, June 30, 2005

Someone who Gets It

Check out this email Andrew McCarthy posted on The Corner. It's titled HOW THE LEFT DOESN'T GET RED STATE AMERICA.
So what is my point? Simply this: The politicians, the pundits and the media need to get out of the military's way and let them do their job. Reid and Gergen and their ilk don't have to worry that they'll be asked to do anything scary if they acknowledge the obvious connections between Iraq and al Qaeda. Lots of people have already recognized them and have volunteered for the scary stuff. It's 9/11, stupid.

Freedom Center

Derb updates us with on plans for Ground Zero with this secret memo:
Hall of Religious Freedom
(NB1: Need great care here with religious symbols — MUST BE ALL SAME SIZE EXACTLY — else 1st Amendment issues.)

(NB2: Research on symbols not yet complete. Wiccans use pentacle inscribed in circle. For Hindus we shd. show one of less threatening gods, pref. many arms. Ch. of Scientology still not responding emails.)

Klo on Nick Cannon

A nice update on my favorite hip-hop artist.
As much as a political junkie like me might enjoy a conservative alternative to a Michael Moore screed beating him at the box office, I'm not holding my breath. But that's all right because Nick Cannon has found the answer. And it's much better than a well-meaning ideologue's low-budget documentary.