Monday, February 07, 2005

Iraqi born American soldier

IRAQ THE MODEL links to this story, Born in Iraq, raised in America. (Scroll down a couple of paragraphs.)

Road To Hell? Road IS Hell!

Ray Haynes knows that Californians are all too familiar with Good Intentions And The Roads They Make.
Freeways, no matter how many are built, will always be crowded at rush hour. In the 1970s, Jerry Brown and his environut friends used this fact to convince people that California should spend its gasoline tax money on mass transit. These same people argued that good government land use planning would also “create jobs close to homes” and “protect” our air and water and other natural resources. These concepts all intended to accomplish good things, and sounded good on paper. While good intentioned, however, they have literally paved the roads to hell we now all occupy twenty four hours a day.

Scam-Cell Research

That's what I'm going to call it from now on. Let's see if we can make the name stick.

Here in California, where voters were blinded with (junk) science into voting for Prop 71, the pigs are already lining up at the trough.
Five people who worked on the stem cell initiative that voters approved in November are among the first eleven employees of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, which will dole out $3 billion in stem cell research grants

Looks like it's not original with me. Another blogger, at least, is using the name.
With the unfortunate help of their new governor, Californians signed a check for $6 billion for Idiotic Scam Cell research. 23 years and no breakthroughs – no wonder the vulture capitalists want the good people of California to take the risk so that they can spend theirs on Ferrari F430s. Vroom! (emphasis mine)

So what if it's obvious? I still like it. Pass it on!

Meanwhile, I wouldn't mind one of those myself...

Moyers Smackdown

Powerline is mopping up the floor with Bill Moyers.

Mr. Watt explained that the quote attributed to him by Moyers is fraudulent. As another blogger has written, and as Moyers' favorite source, Grist, has now admitted in a correction, it originated in a book published in 1990 by one Austin Miles, an anti-religious tract titled Setting Free the Captives. Miles' book does not, however, claim that Mr. Watt made the statement in question in testimony before Congress; that little embellishment was added by Grist, and repeated by Moyers with no effort on his part to check its veracity.

Deep Throat is ill

That's what Dean says.
The source who informed me that Woodward leaked the news of Throat's illness to the executive editor of the Post gave me that information either on "deep background" or "off the record" (I never could get the distinction of those rules straightened out). So I apologize to my source if this information was never meant to be public, but it is a tidbit too hot to keep sitting on.

Some are asking, Could it be Rehnquist?
Rehnquist was a Deputy Attorney General in the "Office of Legal Counsel" from 1969-1972 under Nixon's Deputy AG, Richard Kleindienst. Rehnquist and Kleindienst were very good friends when both were lawyers in Phoenix, and Kleindienst recruited Rehnquist into the Justice Department when Nixon got elected. Rehnquist stayed three years and then Kleindienst pushed Nixon to appoint him to the Court, which happened in January of 1972. Just six months later AG John Mitchell resigned to head Nixon's re-election committee (CREEP), and Kleindienst replaced Mitchell as AG just five days before the June '72 Watergate break-in. Kleindienst resigned in 1973 along with Haldeman, Ehrlichman and Dean, but he and Rehnquist remained close.

Teddy vs Reality

Ted Kennedy (D-Margaritaville) wonders why we can't train the Iraqis "in eight or 12 or 15 months to fight and die for their country." The answer is that it's harder than you think, Senator.
"They've learned just the opposite: that the strong always rule the weak, that a man with a gun can take what he wants, when he wants, and will not be held accountable by anyone," he says. "Therefore, we not only have to train Iraqis to be good, efficient fighters: We've got to basically change the way they view what it means to be a 'man with a gun.'"


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