Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hot Air and Global Warming

I'm shocked - shocked! - to learn that certain so-called scientific journals manifest a political bias in their selection of papers on "global warming".
Dr Peiser said the stifling of dissent and preoccupation with doomsday scenarios is bringing climate research into disrepute. "There is a fear that any doubt will be used by politicians to avoid action," he said. "But if political considerations dictate what gets published, it's all over for science."
The truly encouraging thing is that an article such as this could appear in the MSM.

The Seventh Sense

Need a good laugh? Lordy, I sure did this morning. And Warren Bell delivered.
Apparently, not even the dullest person says, “I don’t have much of a sense of humor,” just as dictators never go, “Yeah, I guess I am kinda evil.”
That's not the funny part. I'm just trying to tease the article without ruining it for you. Read the whole thing.