Thursday, February 10, 2005

PETA literally a pain in the butt

But we knew that already. On NRO Wesley J. Smith reports on how the Australian wool industry has gone sheepish in the face of more demagoguery from PETA.
In its "Save the Sheep" protest, PETA claims hyperbolically that "Australian wool represents massive suffering for sheep, millions of whom are mutilated each year by being trussed upside-down and having huge chunks of flesh carved from their rumps without any pain relief." Sounds awful and gratuitously cruel, doesn't it? But wait: There is far more to this story then the seeming gratuitous sadism of Aussie sheep ranchers depicted by PETA.

To the Moon!

This is just too cool. The film shot by the Astronauts on the moon has been rescanned at high resolution, and someone has generated 360 degree panoramas of the moon. Not recommended for dialup connections. It also includes links to high-res images of the LM and the famous picture of Buzz. (Those last two links might work better if you start on their panorama page.)

Yet Another Reason Not to Live in Britain

What happens when the British go shopping for cheap furniture?
Ben Adetimle, 31, from Leytonstone, added: "I bought a sofa but when I turned my back someone stole it. I'm not upset. It's just furniture, not worth dying over." As medics helped the injured, customers carried on shopping. A woman with pot plants said: "I've come from Birmingham for this." Jilal Patel, 29, from Tottenham, said: "I was queuing at 11am. Nothing is going to stop me from getting my sofa."