Monday, April 25, 2005

There Goes the Neighborhood

Seems that Emeryville is vying to be the home of California's Scam Cell Research.
"Obviously we're going up against some very heavy competition," said Emeryville's Economic Development Director Patrick O'Keefe. He says city leaders feel confident in their ability to land the new California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. "I think in large measure it's because the institute is now located here in temporary quarters."

Culture Whipped

Parents beware. Parents of daughters despair. We're being Culture Whipped.
The average child in America puts in a full workweek, forty hours, consuming media. That means our kids are getting a snootful of this stuff, all day every day, week in and week out. I am reminded of Groucho Marx, who once had a guest on his interview program You Bet Your Life, a woman who said she had nine children and that she and her husband liked it. "I like my cigar," Groucho responded, "but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while." In today's culture, the "cigar" of smut has been permanently and surgically stapled to our lips. We can't take it out of our mouths at all, much less every once in a while.
At very least, turn off the damn television.