Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Humor from an Unexpected Source

Eugene Volokh posted this brochure from the CIA. As he says, "Not bad."

We Should See More of This Kind of Photo

Not many MSM outlets show this kind of photo.

More should.

Three Cheers for the Rednecks

After reading this, if I were living near the border in Arizona I'd be obliged to join up.
Sometimes illegals hammer on residents' windows in the middle of the night, demanding to use the phone. Some even walk right into the ranch house and refuse to leave until the rancher pulls a gun and forces the issue. One rancher told me about illegals who rustled one of her newborn calves. The intruders beat the 12-hour-old animal to death with a fence post, then barbecued it on the spot.

How bad is it? In the Tucson Sector alone in January 2005, the Border Patrol arrested 35,704 people, seized 34,864 pounds of marijuana, and impounded 557 smuggling vehicles. In one month. High-speed chases and accidents on our back-roads are now common. Residents know to stay off certain roads at night because the smugglers--of people and drugs--own them, and if you're not careful they'll come around a bend at 100 mph and run you into a ditch or worse.

Return of the Stupid Party

I'm fit to be tied. Senate Republicans have proven that they are not fit to govern. The Evil Party wins again.