Friday, March 18, 2005

US Government Guilty of Torture

Court-ordered torture has arrived in America. A Leftist judge, and enough doctors willing to "just follow orders" in violation of their oaths, are torturing Terri Sciavo to death. Andrew McCarthy nailed it the other day in NRO:
A few months back, I wrote an article for Commentary arguing that we ought to reconsider our anti-torture laws. The argument wasn't novel. It echoed contentions that been made with great persuasive force by Harvard's Professor Alan Dershowitz: hat under circumstances of imminent harm to thousands of moral innocents (the -called "ticking bomb" scenario), it would be appropriate to inflict, under t-supervision, intense but non-lethal pain in an effort to wring information m a morally culpable person - a terrorist known to be complicit in the plot.

As one might predict with such a third rail, my mail was copious and indignant.
Opening the door by even a sliver for torture, I was admonished, was the most prehensible of slippery slopes. No matter how well-intentioned was the idea, no
matter the lives that might be saved, no matter how certain we might be about e guilt of the detainee, the very thought that such a thing might be legal render us no better than the savages we were fighting.
I haven't felt so ashamed of my country since this happened.


If you have the stomach for it, read about Terri's "Exit Protocol".


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