Monday, March 14, 2005

A few million bucks per eyebrow?

You aren't going to believe the story Ray Haynes tells - unless you live in California.
They spend an hour (and vote favorably) for one eyebrow hair; and give twenty minutes and a negative vote on a proposal to avoid future multi-billion dollar budget deficits. What on earth are these people thinking?
And who could vote against requiring dating services to either conduct criminal background checks or advise their clients that they don't? Well, besides the fact that it's just more governmental meddling in the free market, consider this.
If enacted, it would give dating services that already conduct such background checks a competitive advantage - especially one firm that is sponsoring similar laws throughout the country. And it would be a financial windfall for companies that do criminal background checks, most prominently a subsidiary of ChoicePoint Inc., which is under fire for allowing scammers to penetrate its database of personal information.


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