Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Are your fingernails beginning to sweat?

The site, promoting the book Rather Dumb has a list of Danisms. You're invited to spot the one fake among them. I couldn't. (And no, it's not the one in the title of this post.) The author, a National Enquirer reporter, also has a funny interview with KLO.
Walker: President Nixon had just recognized an ABC reporter at a 1974 press conference, but the guy barely got his mouth open before Rather butted in and boomed: "Thank you, Mr. President. Dan Rather of CBS News. Mr. President ... with respect." Reporters booed Rather's brazen interruption. Nixon said jokingly, "Are you running for something?" Snapped Rather, "No, Mr. President, are you?" The crowd gasped. Rather's crack was beyond rude, it was downright pugnacious, disrespectful, and flat-out dumb. No one knows what was percolating through Dan's lizard brain that fateful day, but after their White House correspondent sassed the president, CBS execs asked, "Should we fire the SOB?" NBC's Tom Brokaw claims CBS considered hiring him to replace Rather. But Dan survived. He was all CBS had to replace Walter Cronkite.


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