Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday Potpourri

The Bush Administration has a historic opportunity -- here on our own soil. And it's doing a piss-poor job of selling it. There's nothing that complicated about what needs to be done for "Social Security". (I use the scare quotes because I consider it an oxymoron.) To see it put clearly, read The Ownership Card
The only political trump that reformers have, and the one the White House has to make its main theme, is ownership. Not just an "ownership society," in the good phrase Mr. Bush often uses, but ownership of your own payroll taxes to build your own retirement assets. This is the nub of the entire reform debate, because it gets to the fundamental issue of who controls the money that Americans pay into the Social Security system.

Ray Haynes checks in with Let's Kill All The Old People
For all the pretty words, "death with dignity" is just a nice way of saying we just wish the old, the disabled, the mentally ill, or anyone with more than normal problems would just spare us all the trouble and kill themselves. We'll give them the pills, we'll find them a doctor who will convince them they would be better off dead, and then we'll make sure they off themselves quickly and painlessly.

Reason #493 Not to Live in England
The Government has ruled that it is now illegal to shoot a crow, rook or pigeon for the pot without scaring it first. The legislation says shooters must attempt to frighten off the birds before pulling the trigger.


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