Monday, May 02, 2005

Some Good News from Over There

Good news from Egypt, where pro-democracy protests are spreading
The organizers said they were pleased that the protest had spread from Cairo, where they've held numerous protests during the past five months. "We are expanding to cover all of Egypt," said Amin Iskandar, a leader of the group, Egyptian Movement for Change.
Imagine the AP actually reporting that. Even more amazing, imagine the BBC reporting this:
"Iraqis are feeling better. They are breathing the air of freedom. They read, watch and say what they want. They travel, work and receive a living wage. They use mobile phones, satellite dishes and the internet, which they did not even know before. . . . As for terrorism, we are now beginning to unite against it and to defeat it."
Read all about it in this roundup of two weeks' good news from Iraq.


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